My New Web Site

I am now posting blogs at

4 responses to “My New Web Site”

  1. Mubarak moves on with billions, Elizabeth Taylor hopitalized and you get a new website:) Looks better. Glad that you stuck with WordPress. Gives you many options via plugins for the future. Look forward to the next blog.

  2. Hi Michael, just read your tape op piece. Then your rant about todays pop music. (Good but not great).I connected completly with everything you said.Can I make a leap? I think its the computer. Yes, isnt that what the MATERIAL song “Conform to the rhythm” was about? I always heard it that way.How can you represent life if it doesn’t happen in real time? What would happen if you quantized “Exile”? or micks maraca playing on “sympathy”? The vibrancy and life you speak of lives inside of those piles of mistakes or photos of imperfection. They represent the relationships between the people in the room.We need to stop perfecting shit music and songs and move on to the next one. Dance music of the 70’s big coke era got everybody to jump and pulse together because machines were telling them to. This is the opposite of “doing your own thing”in the 60’s. Zappa (always great at using metaphor) used to make a distinction between freaks and hippies. Freaks being individuals and hippies being conformists. Interesting to think about this. He made another interesting point that’s worth thinking about. When the industry (not the business) was young, there was a guy with a cigar who said ” I dont know, put it out and see what happens”. Then they started to hire people who were buying the records and entrusted them to pick the talent till the diversity got smaller and smaller. Another point. I happen to love Brazilian music. Not Bossa Nova or any of that smooth shit but the stuff from the north east especially the pop music from Bahia. Why is everything on the airwaves still sung in English. Im not making a case for spanish, Im wondering why no Fado or french music’s or the stuff from Norway. The music community from top to bottom is mostly ignorant of whats going on in the world itself. I simply cant find a station in any fm market that playes a song when the drummer doesnt play the fucking snare drum on 2 and 4. Oh yea, you have to do a bass drum on beat 1. We have systematiclly retarded our own growth because we refuse to become part of the world we live in. 2 million for creation, production, mix and push for the new pop single?