Up until about fourteen years ago, if you were having a record produced, you could look forward to:

    • a  having your songs and arrangements heavily scrutinized,
    • b  spending weeks- even months in pre-production, and then,
  • c  rehearsing all your music until it was ready to be recorded.

Keep in mind, all of this would take place well before anyone considered recording a note of music. 

That brings us to the present day- when budgets have shrunk to almost nothing and anything other than physical recording is considered time consuming and unnecessary. Making a recording has become a process that centers around getting the job done as quickly as possible with virtually no attention to making the result of that job as good as it can be. 

However, it’s becoming obvious that without things like pre-production, the overall quality of recent recordings has consistently diminished. Beinhorn Creative offers a full palette of production services for artists according to their needs and accessible from any place in the world.


  • Musical artists and performers who want to make a recording
  • Music managers with artists whose material needs to develop
  • Record companies, publishing companies that are unable to develop artists themselves
  • Record producers and engineers who don’t have the time or the ability to do groundwork with their artists
  • Anyone who wants to make a competitive recording but doesn’t have the budget to compete


  • We can help you improve the quality of your songs for an upcoming recording
  • We make it affordable for you to have a producer to rehearse your music with
  • We can assist with your musical direction
  • We make working with a producer affordable so you can also afford to hire a studio to record your project
  • We make it possible and affordable to work with a producer in real time from anywhere on the planet
  • If you can only afford the producer you want to work with for a limited amount of time, we can help improve your songs before you record with him 
  • We help you bring your music up to the level of artists who have large recording budgets
  • If you’ve already started a recording, but you are feeling that the songs still don’t feel right, we can help improve them
  • If you manage or A&R artists, we can develop them for you and improve the quality of their songwriting
  • If you are a record producer who is unable to do pre-production with an artist whose record you will be producing, we can do the work for you
  • If you are a record company executive, publisher, artist manager or private investor who isn’t sure if he should continue working with an artist, we can help you make that decision